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1) Housekeeping > Setup > Government Table > SOCSO Table

Last but not least, this is the table of the current SOCSO calculations. There is accident and disable, disable only, accidence only and Accidence and Disable. Our system will keep up-todate of the SOCSO calculations. It follows the government website. This is the link of the up-todate SOCSO calculation in the government website:

2) Personnel > Add/ Upt Employees > Action > Government

Users are required to fill in the SOCSO No, IC and table if the employees are qualified for the SOCSO.

SOCSO IC is the IC of the employee, it has a selection of whether is using the old IC or the new IC.

3.) Government > SOCSO Reps

Make Sure Process Pay before view Socso Reports
User can view 5 types of reports of the SOCSO in this category which is SOCSO Listing, Borang 8A, Lampiran A, Borang 2 and Borang 3.

4) Monthly and Yearly > 12 Months Yearly Reps > SOCSO

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