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The below information is an extract only.
Please refer to Instruction guide for more details.

1) To create a New Quotation

You may follow the steps as below.
Transaction => Sales => Quotation => Create New Quotation

2) Confirmed Quotation

Once the quotation is confirmed, it can be updated to Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice , Purchase Order or Cash Sales instead of creating a new one.

3) To create a New Sales Order

To create sales order, you may follow the step below.
Transaction => Sales => Sales Order => Create New Sales Order

4) To create a new Delivery Order

To create Delievery Order, you may follow the steps as below.
Transaction => Sales => Delivery Order => Create New Delivery Order

5) To create a new Invoice

To create Invoice , you may follow the steps as below.

Method 1

Transaction => Sales => Invoice => Create New Invoice

Method 2

Transaction => Sales => Delivery Order => Update to Invoice
Search for the Delivery Order that have created, click Update.


Once created the Delivery Order, update the Delivery Order to Invoice instead of create invoice . Use Method 1 to avoid the deduction of item twice from the stock.

6) To create a new Credit Note

Transaction => Sales => Credit Note => Create New Credit Note

7) To create a new Debit Note

Transaction => Sales => Debit Note => Create New Debit Note

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