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To create a transaction bill, navigate to TRANSACTION and select your desired bill type.

The procedures for creating a bill is the same for all transactions, including invoice, purchase receive, delivery order, quotation etc.

We will create a quotation for our example

Once you reach a Transaction bill page, it will show a list of recently created transactions. You can search for past created transactions by different criteria.

1) Select Create New “Transaction” to create the bill.

2) Select the customer. If it was a Purchase related bill, choose your supplier. You can then edit the details and click next to add more details, such as Bill reference number 2 for the bill.

3) When you are done with adding the details, press Create to proceed with Product selection.

4) You can then choose the item or service from a dropdown, or search by clicking the Search button.

5) After selecting the item, click on Add Item/ Add Service (in blue) beside the dropdown Product selection.

6) You will then be able to indicate the quantity, description, price and other details for the Product. Information such as current balance of Product and history transaction prices of product are also shown on this screen.

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