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1) At Company Profile – to edit information eg

Administrator can choose period from 12 to 18 for this A/c Year Closing Period.

After year end process, period 13-18 will be bought forward to period 1-6 in new accounting year.

Reset button is to retype the above information.

2) At Transaction Setting

Tick Allow Repeated Reference → same reference at Edit & Insert Transaction

Tick Opening Balance → Opening Balance information is locked

Must select Gain / Loss exchange rate A/C no. → default forex account number

Tax / GST Maintenance is same as Tax Profile .

3) At Other Setting

a) Language Type → English, Simplified Chinese (China),

Reset buttion is to reverse to the default words.

b) Box (tick or untick) for Company Name to appear at certain reports
eg General Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss

i) If box is not ticked, eg the Profit & Loss Report will be as follows :-

ii) If box is ticked, eg the Profit & Loss Report will be as follows :-

c) Box (tick or untick) for New Select Menu for Acc. No. to view Reports.
Search function to show at Ledger, Trial Balance, Debtor /Creditor
Statement, etc

4) At User Defined

Option to allow to distinguish project transactions from ordinary transactions.
Description at Project Layer and Job Layer can be renamed (eg. Dept, Branch)
Project’s transactions must insert with assigned project code eg Project PO1.

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