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User can make use of Bill of Materials (BOM) to work out a draft costing for assembling a complete finished product.

a) There is no effect on stock quantity at the point of creating a BOM (i.e. only a costing worksheet)
b) Costing worksheet (subject to changes at user’s discretion)

Add cost of existing stock items (e.g. types of raw material, ink, packaging, etc.)
Add cost of non-stock items (user must get new cost quotes from supplier)
Add miscellaneous expenses (e.g. transport, man-days, insurance, etc.)
Total cost
x profit margin markup
Selling Price (issue quotation to customer)

c) When creating a BOM, at this point of time , the user has to create a ‘new’
item code for the ‘new’ finished product – sale item
d) To create location for different stock items
e) IMS setting for BOM

1) Create a ‘new’ item code for the ‘new’ finished product

If this is a brand new item, create a New Item Code and Name for the ‘new’ finished item e.g. ‘BOM-Complete’.

2) User can opt to add new location for the finished complete item


Location 01 for finished product – sale items
Location 02 for finished product – stock items (i.e. extra quantity to keep)
Location 03 for raw materials
Location 04 for packaging materials
Location 05 for ink

3) Create a Bill of Material

At maintenance, click Detail Profile, Bill of Material. Click Create B.O.M.

At Item No., click Search to look for the finished item no. e.g. ‘BOM-Complete’

At BOM No., Key in a number (not an auto-running feature).

Assembly Group is for remark only.
For every different item no. have to repeat Step 1 to Step 9.
Once Bill of Material is completed, click Finish.

4) Add Miscellaneous Cost

Key in the miscellaneous cost, e.g. packaging (carton box), man days, insurance, freight charges, etc. Click Save.

5) To view the list of Bill of Materials

Click List B.O.M. Select the item no. and click Submit.

Check and confirm whether the list is correct.

6) To generate cost for ‘new’ finished item

Click Generate Cost.
Select the item number.
Fill in the BOM No.
Tick Update BOM cost.
Click Submit

7) To Check Material

8) To add/update new items to the list of Bill of Materials

Once customer confirms the quotation, the user has to add/update the newly purchase stock items to the Bill of Materials.

Click Search B.O.M. Follow Step 1 to Step 7 to add new item no.

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