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At Maintenance > Main Profile > Product Profile > there must be a bar code for a item.

1) To upload item details with bar code from excel to IMS

2) To add bar code for item in excel worksheet

There must be a bar code at Product File.
To scan the barcode label (eg from a book) into a excel worksheet.

Step 1 – open the excel worksheet
Step 2 – connect the scanner to the computer
Step 3 – right click Column AO (barcode), change setting
Step 4 – bring the cursor to Column AO, row 2 (BARCODE COLUMN)
Step 5 – scan the barcode label (eg sticker at the book)
Step 6 – the barcode number will auto appear at Column AO row 2

3) To print barcode label / sticker

To print barcode label / sticker, user need to use a barcode printer and scanner.
Refer to printer manual to adjust alignment at the barcode printer.

4) Bar Code Settings at General Setup

5) Outdated Bar Codes in IMS

If the item has been used and already outdated in the current year, change the status to discontinued item at the product profile.

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