Additional Units of Measurements

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To set other Units of Measurements, navigate to Maintenance – Product Profile and click on edit.

Click on 2nd Unit Information.

Choose the Unit of Measurement.

The following two number are Multiplication (Left) and Division (Right) factor respectively.

Example 1:

If you put 5 on the left figure and 1 on right, 1 Unit of this measurement is 5 times the amount of 1
Unit of Default Unit.

Example 2:

If you put 1 on the left figure and 5 on the right, 5 Units of this measurement makes up 1 Unit of the Default Unit.

You can also think of the two figures as a fraction of Default unit

Example 1: 5/1 of Default Unit

Example 2: 1/5 of Default Unit

After entering the Factor, scroll down and save by clicking Update.

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