1 st half for overtime and 2nd half for full month salary

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1) Setting at Housekeeping (pay twice a month)

2) Setting at Personnel (pay twice a month and subject to cpf)

3) 1st Half Payroll to pay Overtime only (subject to CPF)

At Payment, assign No Pay Leave is only for the purpose to compute payslip.
The assigned No Pay Leave computed at Payment is excluded from the actual employee leave record (before or after month end process).

4) 2nd Half Payroll to pay full month salary (subject to CPF)

5) CPF 91 Payment Advice

1st half (cpf $24 + $19) and 2nd half (cpf $200 + $160) = total cpf $403 + sdl $2 + cdac $0.50 = $405.50

6) Personnel Leave Report

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