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4b) IR8A

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Payroll Instruction Guide – Government

At Payroll Homepage , click Government. Click IR8A.

*IR8A can only be done after month end

    1: Select the range of employee to generate IR8A
    2: Click 'Generate' to generate in the system
    3: Click 'OK' to open the .PDF format of IR8A

The form will look as per below:

    Appendix 8A, 8B and IR8S can be found on the previous page,

To generate the IR8A Specs and Auto-Inclusion:

    1: Choose the file you would like to generate
    2: Select the range of staff to generate in the IR8A form
    3: Click 'Save' to generate the file, save it in your respective folder
    4: Log on to and upload the saved file